The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (’11)


I am a big fan of the source novel and an even bigger fan of the original swedish adaptation so my expectations for a David Fincher adaptation couldn’t have been higher despite some worries about how he would interpret the dark and sadistic themes of the novel. Needless to say, my expectations were met and possibly were even exceeded. Fincher creates a very atmospheric feel to the content that truly satisfies the bitterness and venomous nature of it’s source novel. Steve Zaillian’s screenplay is as riveting as anything all year and the performances from Daniel Craig and especially Rooney Mara are quite remarkable. Lisbeth Salander is certainly one of my favourite female characters in cinema history and Mara creates a very vivid and unique interpretation of such a withdrawn and intriguing human being much like Noomi Rapace did in the original Swedish adaptation. I love it.



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